President's Message

The past year will be remembered for all our successes as we progressed toward our vision of becoming a leading shared services organization with a cooperative approach to service development. It will also be remembered as the year when all of our lives changed due to COVID-19.

The disruptive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were unimaginable just a few months ago. We will remember this period as a difficult moment in our history, for its economic hardships and human suffering. However, this challenging period will also be remembered as a time that demonstrated the power and potential of the collaborative spirit of our community—a time that saw us support each other, share beneficial strategies and fast-track adoption of technology solutions to respond to challenges.

Our collective efforts in the recent years to expand the BCNET Network to every public, post-secondary institution in the province are proving vital. The network infrastructure is not only enabling institutions to deliver uninterrupted teaching and learning, but also helping B.C. researchers work with their peers from around the world to develop a vaccine for the virus. This year, we partnered with six institutions to implement diverse network connections to make the network infrastructure robust and resilient. These strategic investments in diversity are critical in safeguarding members, and ensuring the high availability of technology-enabled and connectivity-dependent solutions for teaching, learning and research.

With cybersecurity a top strategic priority for our member institutions, we have focused our efforts on forging a circle of trust with our members, and fostering a safe environment for our students, staff, faculty and researchers in which to learn, teach and innovate. A coordinated approach to securing our institutions is one of our best tools available to mitigate cyberthreats, and we are committed to nurturing and maturing this approach.

Working with our active and engaged community is a privilege. I, along with everyone of our dedicated staff, look forward to continuing to work with our members and all stakeholders to deliver on the power, potential and the promise of the collaborative spirit of our community.


Bala Kathiresan
President & CEO