BCNET Cybersecurity & Research innovation summit

September 23 & 24, 2020
How to access the summit

BCNET is proud to present a virtual Cybersecurity and Research Innovation Summit, on September 23rd and 24th, 2020. It's our first year going virtual, so we hope you take full advantage of our schedule, all the amazing networking opportunities, live sessions, community online discussions and more! If you have registered for the Summit, download the Virtual Event Centre App to access the live streams.

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virtual summit: two days, duo-channels

The virtual Summit spans two days and will feature two live channels to engage higher education security professionals, IT professionals, faculty, and researchers in addressing the current technology challenges their institutions face. The Cybersecurity channel will connect identity management, security and privacy professionals to address the current threat landscape that impacts public, post-secondary institutions today.  The Research Innovation channel brings together researchers, IT professionals and academics to collaborate about IT experiences, successes, resources, challenges and solutions to better support research and accelerate time to discovery + innovation.

Follow along with announcements and live updates at our new Twitter stream: @BCNET_Summit 


Kimberley St. Pierre

Experienced IT/Cybersecurity Professional​

It is no surprise that COVID-19 has changed the way we do business and interact for the time being, but these impacts might potentially last forever. As individuals we are customers, constituents, students and patients of this new world and our interactions with businesses, local government, schools and our healthcare providers may never be the same.

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Associate Professor at the School of Engineering | UBC Okanagan

Even before the COVID pandemic, there was an increasing awareness of the need for universities to act as innovation hubs, providing leading expertise, resources, and programming to support young entrepreneurs and catalyze the formation of new companies. 

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virtual event centre

BCNET is excited to bring the Summit to life through a virtual event centre, where you can access the agenda, live streams and recorded videos all in one place. Whether you join the summit from your desktop, or the BCNET Summit mobile app, we make collaboration easy on one virtual platform. Join virtual meet ups, discussion boards, polls, live Q&A, gamification, social media, virtual business card exchange, 1-1 virtual meet-ups, and more.