Multi-Factor Authentication


Compugen offers four MFA vendor solutions:

  • RSA
  • DUO
  • OKTA
  • Microsoft 

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About Compugen Multi-Factor Authentication

Get enhanced security for your institution with multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions from BCNET's preferred value-added reseller, Compugen. They offer access to four MFA vendor solutions: RSA, DUO, OKTA and Microsoft. MFA is a critical component of a solid cybersecurity posture that verifies a user’s identity with multiple credentials. When it comes to information security, the MFA plays a crucial role. It protects information from possible hacks, keeps an eye on user accounts, and scares hackers away. 



Preferred Pricing

Access sector discounted pricing


Enhance Security

Provides more layers of security


Assures Identity

Protects data from identity theft


Easy Implementation

Intuitive user experience allows it to be picked up by the user with little effort

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