We collaborate with our higher education members to understand their facilities requirements and then source and manage vendor contracts on behalf of the sector. Our goal is to improve service quality, drive down costs and maximize efficiencies to deliver greater value for all.

Custodial Supplies - Staples Professional

The Staples Professional agreement provides members with ease of access to a wide range of competitively priced supplies to align with institutional health and sustainability policies and practices.

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Electrical Supplies, Data, Process and Controls - E.B. Horsman & Son

The agreement supports facilities management and trade academic programs by providing a wide range of electrical supplies from over 200 manufacturers.

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Elevator Maintenance Services - KONE INC. & Schindler Elevator Corporation

The agreement with both KONE INC & Schindler Elevator Corporation offers access to timely and responsive preventative and corrective maintenance services to meet elevator operational requirements.

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Fire Extinguisher Testing & Associated Services - Pacific Coast Fire Equipment

The Pacific Coast Fire Equipment agreement offers services for fire extinguisher equipment testing and other related services.

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Maintenance, Repair and Operations Supplies - Fastenal Canada

The agreement with Fastenal Canada provides plumbing, heating, ventilation, air cooling (HVAC), and general building supplies for post-secondary institutions in BC.

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Natural Gas Consulting - Independent Energy Consultants

The Independent Energy Consultants agreement provides independent consulting services to guide institutions in the development of strategies and programs to optimize natural gas spending.

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Student Residence Furniture - Heritage Office Furnishings

The Heritage Office Furnishings agreement provides higher education institutions high-quality student residence furniture and associated products at volume discounts.

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Student Residence Mattresses - Restwell

The Restwell agreement provides higher education institutions high-quality student residence mattresses and associated products at volume discounts.

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Vending Machines - Ryan Vending

The Ryan Vending agreement offers a competitive commission model on a wide range of hot and cold beverages and snack offerings.

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Waste Management Services

Waste management service providers have been contracted to provide members with equipment, containers, collection, pick-up, transportation, segregation, disposal, and specific processing services related to all garbage, recyclable material, and organics waste streams.

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