Fire Extinguisher Testing & Associated Services - Pacific Coast Fire Equipment

BCNET has contracted with Pacific Coast Fire Equipment  to provision services for fire extinguishers equipment testing and related services.

In November 2021, BCNET exercised the extension of this agreement on a month-to-month basis until it is resolved that the contract will be extended or terminated. The contract provides access to ongoing inspection services, testing, repairs and recertification for fire extinguishers and associated services with British Columbia's most experienced vendor in the industry.

  • Reduced service costs on equipment maintenance, operation and inspection
  • Reduced contract administration that saves time and effort for each institution
  • One-stop fire prevention, inspection, repairs and quality of service
  • Access to 70 years of fire prevention service experience, licensed, bonded and insured CFAA, ASTTBC certified technicians



Please contact Joanna Domenis, Client Relations
Phone: 604-468-6330


Steve Landree, Service Manager (Vancouver Island & Coast Regions) 
Phone: 250-386-8321


Rob Carroll, Service Manager (Lower Mainland, Central Interior & Northern BC)
Phone: 604-468-6330

BCNET Procurement Team 

This agreement is operating on a month-to-month basis

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