IT Professional Services Roster for Infrastructure


  • Affinity 
  • Altis Human Resources
  • CDW Canada 
  • Dave Steeves and Associates 
  • Deloitte 
  • Elantis Solutions
  • Microserve 
  • OnX Canada 
  • S.i.Systems 
  • TEKsystems Canada

Agreement Details

The agreement expires September 30, 2023
For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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Key Contacts

Mike Rae, Senior Account Manager, Healthcare and Public Sector
Phone: 604-726-5620
Daniel Lamb, Partner, Consulting
Phone: 604-562-7584

Altis Human Resources
Hailey Levine, Account Manager, IT Services 
Phone: 416-214-2500 x 2225
Kara Harrington, Manager, IT Services 
Phone: 416-214-2500 x 2245

CDW Canada 
John Gardner, Account Executive 
Phone: 604-999-1301

Dave Steeves and Associates 
Dave Steeves, CEO 
Phone: 604-298-7700

Livia Lau, Partner 
Phone: 604-673-2690 

Key Contacts

Elantis Solutions 
Josef Hans Lara, VP, Sales 
Phone: 604-614-1663
Amy Grendus, Director, Marketing and Business Development 
Phone: 587-879-9987

Sylvain Jacob, VP, Sales 
Phone: 604-297-1576
Cornelius Temple, Account Manager 
Phone: 604-205-1534

OnX Canada 
Dave Stoddart, Senior Account Manager
Phone: 403-831-5023
Wayne Buskas, VP, Sales - Western Canada 
Phone: 780-721-2453

Hardev Kaila, Vice President, British Columbia 

TEKsystems Canada
Geoff Hodson, Account Executive 
Tel: 604-412-3534
Mobile: 604-356-4239
Bernadette Redila, Account Executive 
​​​​​​​Tel: 604-412-3546
Mobile: 778-986-3472

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About IT Professional Services Roster for Infrastructure

BCNET has established a pre-qualified roster of IT Professional Services for infrastructure services. The roster offers members access to IT expertise and related services to support the growing demand for IT professional resources across a wide spectrum of areas, including cloud security consulting, incident response services, IT change management, security control consulting, and more. Members can take advantage of negotiated maximum hourly rates for a variety of resource types, simplified access through minimal administrative effort and responsive customer service for day-to-day and ongoing support.  



Qualified Professional Services

Access to pre-qualified and specialized expert suppliers that have the capacity to meet institutional operational and project-related needs in all regions of the province


Competitive Pricing

Negotiated rate cards with maximum rates for a wide range of service levels and qualifications to support budget certainty


Save Time

Reduce and contain costs and administrative efforts through sole source or second-stage procurement processes in alignment with institutional procurement policies


Risk Management

Reduce service quality risk through performance evaluations, confirmation of eligibility requirements and credentials of roster vendors

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