Simple, Effective, Mass Communication Platform.              Powerful During Emergencies. Useful Every Day.

Regroup offers an easy-to-use mass notification platform that’s used by universities, and colleges across North America for day-to-day and emergency notifications.

When every second counts, you can rapidly transmit critical alerts to multiple communication channels simultaneously, including: mobile phones, digital signage, PA systems, websites and social media — all with a single click from the user-friendly interface.

The innovative, cloud-based platform gives you the ability to keep students and faculty safer and more informed. With a single click, you can notify your entire school or campus if a crisis arises. COVID-19 situations, severe weather, or public health threats can all be communicated quickly and efficiently with Regroup.

In October 2020, BCNET renewed the existing agreement with Regroup for three years.



Discounts on standard base pricing

One-time implementation fee (free for new clients only until March 31, 2021)

Includes standard database integration,desktop alerts and mobile app integration

Multi-year discounts

Unlimited use of Regroup’s mobile apps


How to access

For more information about purchasing, please contact Owen McNish, Sales Executive, Regroup. 

BCNET Procurement Team 

expiry date: October 26, 2023 

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