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In today's landscape, cybercrime impacts everyone to some degree. This has led to a heightened recognition of the necessity to move cybersecurity beyond the confines of information technology and integrate it across all facets of an organization. This shift poses both a challenge and an opportunity for information security teams to elevate their organizations' cybersecurity resilience. In this track, we invite speaking proposals that delve into the dynamic trends in cybersecurity, along with strategies, technologies, and collaborative avenues, aiming to advance the cybersecurity maturity of our institutions.

We are looking for speaking proposals along these themes:

  • Evolving cybersecurity strategy aligning with the evolving cyberthreat environment
  • Endpoint and server protection strategies
  • Network protection strategies
  • Authentication strategies
  • Advancing information security practices
  • Cybersecurity vendor market
  • Disaster recovery strategies
  • Security awareness
  • Use of AI in defence technologies and impact of AI on cybercrime threat and defence 
  • How well can a PSI absorb and recover from an attack