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​​​​​Why is leadership the ultimate advantage for any organization? In this track we will explore why leadership matters now more than ever. We will be looking for proposals on how to grow values-based leadership skills, invest in your people, influence decision making, build successful, inclusive and diverse teams, develop a growth mindset and thrive as an authentic leader in higher education. Leading is not about management titles, it's about the positive impact you make regardless of your role.

In this track, we are looking for content that captures these ideas:

  • Understanding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: what does diversity really mean in a tech environment, including its dimensions and its impact on team dynamics?
  • Challenges and Solutions: What are some of common challenges faced when leading diverse teams, such as unconscious bias, communication barriers, and cultural misunderstandings? What are some practical solutions to overcome these hurdles?
  • Inclusive Leadership: How do we build the skills to foster an inclusive environment where every team member feels valued, heard, and empowered to contribute at their highest potential?
  • Communication Strategies: How can we adapt and modify communication styles to resonate with team members from varied backgrounds, ensuring clarity and avoiding misunderstandings?
  • Feedback and Growth: What are some approaches to providing feedback that is both constructive and culturally sensitive, ensuring team members from all backgrounds feel supported in their professional growth?
  • Success Stories: What are some real-life stories of teams that have achieved remarkable successes, and what were the leadership strategies that made it possible?
  • Transformation: A common theme at all of our institutions is transformation, what are some of the leadership aspects that create the catalyst for transformative outcomes?
  • Leadership Beyond: Our institutions require IT leaders to move beyond technology leadership and examining leadership from a business perspective, how can technology leaders broaden their perspectives to better consider institutional mission?
  • Leading Across Generations: How can we create team cultures that help to flatten our organizations in order to tap the leadership potential across the generations that make up our teams?