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Shared Services for Higher Education & Research

Discover the power of a connected member community

Discover the power of a connected member community
We are a not-for-profit, collaborative, shared services organization dedicated to the needs of our members, B.C.'s higher education and research institutions. We offer a wide array of shared solutions that help members reduce costs, maximize efficiencies, enhance service quality, empower digital transformation and support their mission.

The Power of Community

The power of the BCNET community lies in our spirit of collaboration. We are a product of our members’ willingness to work toward the greater good. By bringing together individuals from diverse domains, geographic locations, institutions big and small, and unique skillsets, we are better able to create value for all. Our community is strong. And together, we achieve more.

We Provide

BCNET connects members to the global research and education network providing the performance required to support teaching, learning and research.
We source agreements that generate efficiencies, reduce costs, mitigate supplier risk and make a difference in sustainability.
We partner with our member community to determine the technologies needed to support their teaching, learning and research mandates.
BCNET strengthens the security posture of members with advanced technologies, improved processes, collaborative communities and broadened expertise.
We consult with members to identify the top areas for skills development, and then coordinate the training on behalf of the sector.

Cybersecurity is a Strategic Priority

Cybersecurity is one of our key strategic priorities. With increasing global cybersecurity threats, it is critical to enhance cybersecurity, share intelligence and present a cohesive response to threats. We work together to shape the security posture of member institutions.

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News & Events

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Get Ready, Get Set, Go – Submit a Speaking Proposal for CONNECT 2024

Get ready for another thought-provoking Tech Summit! We are seeking speaking proposals from our member community for the BCNET CONNECT, Higher Education and Research…

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BCNET’s Year In Review 2022–2023

The BCNET Annual Review 2022–2023 that highlights our performance and accomplishments is now available to view and download. The Review features our achievements…

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BCNET Welcomes New Board Members

We are pleased to welcome new members to our Board of Directors. BCNET welcomes Pradeep Nair and Spencer Tickner to its Board and thanks retiring directors Marc Snelling…

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