BCNET provides opportunities for members to engage in events which align with their preferred topics of interest and strategic priorities. Our team works closely with our members, industry partners and stakeholders to offer attendees the content and connections they need to achieve their goals. We also participate in sector-related events.

Upcoming Events 

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Cybersecurity Forum

The BCNET Cybersecurity Forum is designed for member security and IT professionals to network and learn how to tackle today's evolving security challenges in higher education. We have an incredible

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference


The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference connects the best thinkers in higher education technology.    



Join the 2023 CANARIE Summit on October 18-19, 2023, in Montreal to celebrate and learn from examples of remarkable successes born of unexpected collaborations.

Kaltura EmpowerED Day

Kaltura EmpowerED Day

Join BCNET on October 23rd for Kaltura EmpowerED Day, a vital event uniting higher education leveraging Kaltura software for collaborative innovation.

Cyber Summit 2023

Cyber Summit

The event brings together top experts and leaders in Western Canada’s public, education, and startup sectors to discuss the latest developments and trends in technology.