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Information Technology


The world of higher education IT is constantly evolving. Be it remote, hybrid or on-campus, the role of technology is recognized as a crucial and strategic component of higher education and research. Technology will continue to evolve as we move into the future, which is why it is important to discuss the challenges and approaches in the world of IT. This track will explore the mounting pressure and challenges for higher ed IT departments in finding innovative uses of common tools, implementing new tools, tackling remote/in-person/hybrid environments, while keeping the lights on.

We are seeking content that addresses the present and future world of information technology in support of teaching, learning and research, along these themes:

  • Physical infrastructure - wired and wireless- What's new and exciting ?
  • VPN post pandemic use / need
  • API Development
  • Cloud Services
  • Cloud Migration - AWS/Azure/GCP
  • Supply chain stories challenges /shortages- How much longer will this persist ?
  • Hybrid learning - network challenges
  • Networking to the cloud, to enable cloud migration/adoption
  • Addressing increasing transit needs
  • What are your strategies? finding and hiring suitable IT staff
  • Project management as a tool not a task master
  • Redundant/alternate connections
  • Virtual firewalls
  • Best practices for network architecture
  • Directions in community Linux and the end of CentOS
  • Infrastructure as code