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Information Technology


Higher education information technology is in a perpetual state of evolution, whether in remote, hybrid, or on-campus settings. Technology plays a pivotal and strategic role in higher education and research. In this track, we welcome content that explores cutting-edge trends, emerging technologies, and innovative strategies. Speaking proposals are invited on a spectrum of topics, spanning from cloud computing and artificial intelligence to digital transformation. The goal is to provide valuable insights and cultivate meaningful discussions.

We are seeking  speaking proposals along these themes:

  • Artificial Intelligence: impact for developers, network admins, sysadmins, IT support
  • Successes/challenges for remote/hybrid workers and learners
  • Remote work governance
  • Your zero-trust journey
  • What’s new in WIFI/networking
  • Cloud migration – lessons learned
  • Finding/hiring/growing your IT staff 
  • IT staff retention
  • Best practices for promoting your institution to prospective employees
  • Engaging with consultants for success
  • Choosing Windows because it’s easier to find windows Admins rather than Linux Admins