Tailored for computing and security professionals, this session focuses on the transformative role of Generative AI in shaping IoT security, showing interconnection between data synthesis and security optimization. The presentation will begin with a brief introduction emphasizing the critical connection between Generative AI, data synthesis, and IoT security. We explore how Generative AI contributes to security and efficiency by predictive maintenance in IoT operations, ensuring both. We will explore mechanisms of securing device identification and authentication, unveiling the symbiotic relationship between data synthesis and robust security, with a focus on biometric authentication and behavioral analysis.

The presentation sheds light on the importance of privacy-preserving data synthesis methods in bolstering IoT security. We explore the realm of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and their pivotal role in fortifying security against adversarial attacks, with a specific focus on synthesized data. Drawing from industry-specific applications and case studies, the session underscores the synergy between data synthesis, security, and Generative AI in real-world scenarios. The talk concludes by exploring emerging trends and future opportunities, considering the integration of Generative AI with emerging technologies, all while maintaining a strong focus on data synthesis and security. The session culminates in an interactive Q&A, providing a platform for in-depth discussions on the nuanced relationships between data synthesis, security considerations, and the ever-evolving landscape of Generative AI in the IoT domain.

Abhijit Sen, 2024 Summit Speaker

Abhijit Sen

Faculty, Computer Science, Information Technology, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Dr. Abhijit Sen, a faculty member in Computing Science and Information Technology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) in BC, Canada, holds a Ph.D. from McMaster University, an M.S. degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Widely acknowledged as a keynote speaker, he'll present talks at three international conferences in 2024 (UK, Thailand, Hong Kong). His global impact includes visiting professor roles in New Zealand, Germany, India, and China. Actively contributing to academia, he serves as a reviewer, technical committee member for various conferences, along with editorial board roles for conference proceedings publications. Recognized for his dedication, he received the Distinguished Teaching Award from KPU. A Life Member of IEEE, he's been part of the Executive Committee of IEEE, Vancouver Chapter, earning recognition for unwavering commitment and contributions.

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Speaker Presentation (45 minutes)