Have you ever wanted to be a superhero, like the famed caped crusader who always had the right tool at the right time to help solve a problem or take the correct action?  Wouldn’t it be great to have answers at your fingertips in a way that helps you to make better and more timely cybersecurity decisions?  The CANARIE’s CanSSOC team to the rescue! CANARIE is working to improve how we work and collaborate in cybersecurity. In this session, members of the CanSSOC team will present their new Slack integration tool called–– the Cybersecurity Utility Belt (CUB) bot––that brings the power of MISP and the Threat Feed to Slack AND your fingertips. Participants will see a demo and be given an opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions.

Summit Speaker

Steve Rosco

Director Cybersecurity Engineering, CANARIE

Steve Rosco is the Director of Cybersecurity Engineering with the CanSSOC team at CANARIE. The goal is collaboration to accelerate and enhance cybersecurity for post secondary across Canada.

Summit Speaker

Colin Calnan

Information Security Developer, CANARIE

Colin is an Information Security Developer at CANARIE, where he elevates cybersecurity for Canada's research and education sectors. With expertise in software and API development and a passion for AI, Colin designs tools that enhance security and efficiency. At The University of British Columbia, he initiated a Vulnerability Management Program, significantly boosting cybersecurity measures.

Summit Speaker

Dave Auclair

Information Security Architect, CANARIE

Dave Auclair is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over 20 years of experience in higher education. Throughout his career, he has spearheaded the development of network analysis tools, automated attack blocking systems, and sophisticated malware analysis platforms. Currently, Dave applies his expertise at CANARIE on the CanSSOC team, where he collaborates on national cybersecurity initiatives.

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Technology Track

Session Format
Interactive Speaker Presentation (45 minutes)