According to a recent Malwarebytes Threat Brief, in the last 12 months, the Vice Society ransomware gang conducted more known attacks against education targets globally than any other ransomware group. Not only did the Vice Society attack Okanagan College at the end of 2022, and the beginning of 2023, but our schools were attacked, too. Please join us for this session to learn how Langara College, Douglas College and UBC were able to defend against this attack successfully, how information sharing played a role, and what we think made the difference.

ANNA MACHAJ Summit 2023

Anna Machaj

Associate Director of Information Security, Douglas College

Summit Speaker

Charles Boname

Associate Director, Cybersecurity, Langara College

Charles Boname is a seasoned IT professional with + 25 years’ experience in the field, mostly with non-profit organizations committed to social justice (legal aid/public legal research and the community foundations sectors). Charles saw his IT focus area gradually shift over the past 5 years toward cybersecurity defense. Joining Langara College two years ago as their Associate Directory, Cybersecurity, he thrives on the positive and collaborative spirit of the higher education space.  A professional musician in a previous life, Charles augmented his BA and net admin technical credentials with an MBA and brings a disciplined yet creative voice to the table in leading change, communicating technology and achieving organizational security improvements.


LARRY CARSON Summit 2023

Larry Carson

Associate Director, Information Security Management, University of British Columbia

Larry Carson is the Associate Director, Information Security Management at UBC and is the subject matter expert for cybersecurity at the university where he focuses on incident response, prevention and policy for the institution. He is a strong believer that cybersecurity is meant to act as an enabler to help facilitate better business processes & competence through properly secured & protected data assets. He sees the future of cybersecurity being tightly intertwined with data science (analytics & SIEM) and threat intelligence. Larry fosters a firm belief that industry standard cybersecurity best practices can be successful in Higher Ed.

Technology Track

Session Format
Speaker Presentation (45 minutes)