Do you have any areas at your institution that are "more" secure than others? Maybe even a "High Security" lab or other facility? What would you do if you received a call about an impending deployment of ransomware in that facility? Would you believe it? Could it be true? The security is supposed to be so High that it shouldn't happen. Come to this session and find out what did happen at UBC and how we responded to it and what we learned along the way. Take away key lessons from this session that you can apply at your own institution immediately. If you enjoyed our "APT came for a visit" session last year, then you'll be right at home attending this one. Please Note: this session is TLP:AMBER

LARRY CARSON Summit 2023

Larry Carson

Associate Director, Information Security Management, University of British Columbia

Larry Carson is the Associate Director, Information Security Management at UBC and is the subject matter expert for cybersecurity at the university where he focuses on incident response, prevention and policy for the institution. He is a strong believer that cybersecurity is meant to act as an enabler to help facilitate better business processes & competence through properly secured & protected data assets. He sees the future of cybersecurity being tightly intertwined with data science (analytics & SIEM) and threat intelligence. Larry fosters a firm belief that industry standard cybersecurity best practices can be successful in Higher Ed.

Matthew Ellis

Matthew Ellis

Manager, Cybersecurity Incident Response, University of British Columbia

Technology Track

Session Format
Interactive Speaker Presentation (45 minutes)