In 2024, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a key role, not just in delivering new user and customer experiences, but in how it continues to reshape IT strategy across Canada. AI will drive changes and optimization in multicloud deployments, streamlining resource allocation and workload management in complex IT infrastructures. It will impact Edge Computing, enhancing real-time data processing and user experiences, driving real-time insights in ways that were not possible before. 2024 is also expected to bring a rise in demand for open-source AI tools, with models tailored to specific verticals and data types driving domain specialization. During this session we’ll unpacking these pivotal topics, and how the transformative forces of AI will empower organizations to make informed decisions and shape resilient IT strategies in 2024.


Summit Speaker

James Scott

Field CTO, Canada, Dell Technologies

James Scott is the Canadian Field CTO with Dell Technologies, with over two decades of experience spanning cloud architecture, modern application design, and IT security. James has been helping customers across the globe design, secure, and maintain multi-cloud environments, as well as helping organizations to drive modern application development practice through DevOps. James has a strong passion for technology, and in sharing his knowledge in order to help executives empower their organizations to take advantage of new solutions in cloud computing, AI, IT security, data analytics, and application development.

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Industry Presentation (30 minutes)