Generative AI is revolutionizing the business landscape, particularly in IT, where its capabilities are reshaping network and system management. This session will explore the overall Generative AI landscape, highlighting its potential as a game changer for IT operations. We will also discuss Cisco's overall AI strategy and how recent innovations are opening an unprecedented opportunity to enhance network operations, improve security, and redefine the end user experience.

Summit Speaker

Rob Barton

CTO, Cisco Systems

Rob Barton is the CTO for Cisco Canada and is a Cisco Distinguished Engineer. Rob Graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Engineering Physics. Rob is a published author, with titles on Quality of Service (QoS), Wireless Communications, and IoT. Additionally, he has also co-authored many peer-reviewed research papers and leads Cisco’s academic research partnership program. Rob also holds numerous patents in the areas of wireless communications, network security, cloud networking, IoT, and Machine Learning. His current areas of work include wireless communications of all types, IT/OT convergence, network automation, and AI/ML in networking systems.

Technology Track

Session Format
Industry Presentation (30 minutes)