We bring together cutting-edge insights in AI applications for education and network management while exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence in educational settings, focusing on personalized learning, operational efficiency, and talent development. Additionally, gain valuable insights into the latest advancements in network management software, emphasizing predictability, programmability, automation, and user experience. What will I learn? The transformative impact of AI in education, covering areas such as personalized learning, operational efficiency, and talent development. Best practices derived from diverse industries, offering a comprehensive understanding of AI applications. Cutting-edge innovations in network management software. Strategies to integrate AI seamlessly into educational and network management practices. Raffle Prize: Participate in our event for a chance to win a raffle prize that will elevate your AI and networking experience. Stay tuned for the announcement of this exclusive reward, designed to enhance your professional journey in education and network management.

Summit Speaker

Ron Davis

AVP, Juniper

Ron is a 19-year veteran of the WiFi/Wireless industry, with a passion for WiFi and the customers and partners he work with.

Technology Track

Session Format
Industry Presentation (30 minutes)