In this session, we explore the intersection of digital transformation and learning with a focus on how AI is changing the landscape for what and how students learn and how higher education institutions can engage with them. We begin by exploring how hyflex learning provides opportunities for learners to engage in a multi-modal way, and with thoughtful space design paired with digital tools we can create inclusive and accessible learning for every student. When we then layer in AI tools we can create powerful, personalized learning that better prepares students with experiences aligned to the future of work. Digital transformation provides an opportunity to reimagine the art-of-the-possible and this session will provide tangible ideas to evolve productivity and design engaging, transformed student experiences.


Summit Speaker

Elka Walsh

Associate Vice President, Learning & Teaching, Microsoft

Assionate about student success and preparing Canadians to thrive in the digital future, Dr. Elka Walsh leads Microsoft’s pan-Canadian learning and teaching strategy, collaborating with higher education institutions to achieve the art-of-the-possible for the future of learning. Elka is a leader in education with over 20 years of experience ranging from executive positions at colleges and polytechnics, to Chief Education and Learning Officer at one of Canada’s largest science centers, as founder of UDiscover Learning Inc, and currently as Associate Vice President, Learning and Teaching with Microsoft Canada.

Summit Speaker

Nigel Brown

Vice President, Professional Services, Microserve

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Industry Presentations (30 minutes)