During this presentation, Cristian will narrate the experience of an engagement where TELUS was tasked with executing a Red Team Attack, simulating a genuine assault on the customer's network. Despite commencing with no prior knowledge of the environment, the TELUS team successfully achieved full network control within a relatively short period. They accomplished this feat by employing an array of techniques while remaining entirely undetected by the EDR system that was monitoring the target network.

Cristian Cordeiro, 2024 Summit Speaker

Cristian Cordeiro

Offensive Security Manager, TELUS

Cristian Cordeiro is TELUS’ Offensive Security Manager. He has been involved in Cybersecurity in various roles for 10+ years, overlapping with a career in software development that started in 1997. Cristian started his journey at TELUS performing Penetration Tests and Security Assessments. He is now responsible for Social Engineering engagements, Code Review, Secure Software Development and Social Engineering. As Practice Lead Cristian actively works towards automation, reviewing deprecated processes, fostering a team environment and wrapping a culture of resilience around every activity of the team, allowing for scalable growth and great work-life balance.

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Industry Presentation (30 minutes)