We continue to invest in cybersecurity but it often feels we are not winning. The battle is getting harder while the consequence of not getting it right is at an all-time high. We must regain the advantage. There are a number of powerful levers available for rapid gains in security efficiency and effectiveness. Many are at our fingertips and don’t require significant increments in people, tools or budgets – they may in fact save. In this session we will discuss why our adversaries are winning, what is holding us back from gaining the advantage, how we can do more with less, and what we can do right now to get ahead. We’ll highlight the power of consolidation and unifying, capturing the promise of AI and Automation, utilizing what we already own, and building strength through collaboration. You will take away a few immediate practical steps to change the trajectory. Cybersecurity needs to be part of everything we do. Regardless of your role, this session will provide insights to enable you to make an impact in taking back the cyber advantage.


Summit Speaker

Gary Miller

Field Chief Technology Officer, Compugen

Gary Miller is Field CTO for Compugen, working collaboratively with clients to understand their needs and bring insights and solutions to support their technology journey. For near 30 years Gary has been assisting government and industry organizations around the world shape practical IT and cybersecurity programs to support their ever-changing business. Gary has held senior executive positions within international organizations, leading IT and cybersecurity business units and corporate functions. His unique balance of strategy, business and cybersecurity expertise combined with his diverse global experience allows him to work with senior leaders to plot the most effective way forward in today’s complex environment.

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Technology Track

Session Format
Industry Presentation (30 minutes)