Information. We generate it, collect it, store it, replicate and share it often hundreds of times. Then we forget about it. If you ask most senior leaders, “What is the most valuable thing you have?” the answer will be “our people” followed by “our information.” We often hear that “IT takes care of security,” and they do - they put better locks on the doors, but who prioritizes how information is managed, governed, and secured? Facts about the Elephant: Information is the most valuable asset an organization has.

Information is often complex and varied. The average knowledge worker spends up to 90 minutes daily searching for or recreating data that can’t be found—trillions in lost productivity. It’s like walking into a 40-year-old home that needs cleaning out. Every closet, cupboard and storage area is packed – what should be kept, and how do you find it? Establishing trust, truth, and transparency is difficult without secure, relevant information. Join Ricoh’s Information Governance Portfolio Manager, Richard Freeman, and UBC’s Applications Developer Matt Shannon as they explore how organizations are improving efficiency, reducing risk, and ensuring compliance by implementing key elements of information governance and records management. Learn about the "3 Vs" of information management: Volume, Velocity and Variety. We'll also introduce the concept of Veracity, which is critical for enabling clean process automation. It is with veracity that we find the 5th V - Value!

Summit Speaker

Richard Freeman

Information Governance Portfolio Manager, Ricoh

Richard Freeman is Business Process Services Manager for Ricoh North America, Rick thrives on fixing broken processes using game-changing techniques and technology. He has been helping teams with strategic information management programs that deliver proven results for over 30 years. His career has spanned the globe in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services businesses. Richard has led client engagements for access to information and privacy, information management policy development and information architecture within both the public and private sectors.

Summit Speaker

Matt Shannon

Manager, Application Development, UBC

Matt joined UBC on a ten-month contract but proved useful they kept him on for another 18 years so far.

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Industry Presentation (30 minutes)