Launching a Hybrid Cloud Service is only the beginning of the journey. Building on the insights shared in the last year's session "Enabling the UBC Community to Consume the Public Cloud through Hybrid Multi-Cloud Approach", join us for an in-depth exploration of our progress.

The Key focus areas for the session include:
1.    Implementation progress, highlighting standards for governance and technology.
2.    Operational insights, providing a behind-the-scenes look at day-to-day processes.
3.    Financial impact and sustainability, uncovering the economic implications and long-term viability.
4.    A sneak peek into the future roadmap and upcoming features that will shape the next phase of our journey.
This session is tailored for all conference attendees who are interested in a candid and insightful exploration of the service's evolution, offering practical takeaways for IT professionals, administrators, and decision-makers looking to optimize their IT infrastructure.

Summit Speaker

Sanja Leblanc

Manager, Systems, University of British Columbia

Summit Speaker

Brent Dunington

Cloud Systems Architect, University of British Columbia

Summit Speaker

Mario Angers

Senior Manager, Systems, University of British Columbia

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Technology Track

Session Format
Interactive Speaker Presentation (45 minutes)