This talk will focus on how the UBC Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) developed a cloud-based solution to systematically evaluate how flexible a course is for a student given its syllabus content. The solution employs Natural Language Processing (NLP), Generative AI, and AWS technologies to understand how different determinants of course flexibility are written in a syllabus file. These tools are then used to power a dashboard that ingests, stores, and analyzes large amounts of syllabus text. Hence, the solution provides a comprehensive understanding of course flexibility across faculties and even across campuses.

We will first delve into the fundamental Generative-AI concepts that are relevant to this solution and then discuss the challenges that we faced, addressing which led to the final solution. With this talk, we aim to illustrate the potential of Generative AI in educational settings that go beyond those that only deal with conversational responses, thereby showcasing how Generative AI can be effectively utilized for curriculum evaluation and improvement, potentially benefiting both educators and students.

Summit Speaker

Harshinee Sriram

Graduate Student Researcher, University of British Columbia

Harshinee Sriram is a Graduate Student Researcher at The UBC Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) and is currently a 4th-year Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at UBC, Vancouver. Her research interests lie in leveraging AI techniques to learn more about a user and solve user-centered problems. She is also one of the 14 selected to be a part of UBC's NSERC and CIFAR-funded Advanced Machine Learning Research Training Network, an initiative dedicated to developing a new generation of AI researchers prepared to tackle the most significant current and future challenges in AI research.

Summit Speaker

Liam Driscoll

Student Developer, University of British Columbia Cloud Innovation Centre

Liam Driscoll is a 3rd-year Electrical Engineering student at the University of British Columbia and is a Student Developer at the UBC Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC). As a Student Developer at the UBC CIC, he has worked on several projects, utilizing AWS services to create solutions to challenges.

Liana Leung 2024 Summit_Speaker

Liana Leung

Program Manager, UBC

Liana Leung is the Program Manager at the Community Health and Wellbeing Cloud Innovation Centre (UBC CIC).   The UBC CIC is dedicated to solving real-world challenges by building shareable, repeatable, and sustainable cloud solutions and providing UBC students with unique work-integrated learning opportunities.  Since the UBC CIC opened in 2020, it has hired and mentored more than 60 students for a total of more than 169 terms. As UBC CIC Program Manager, Liana is responsible for managing CIC challenge projects, providing leadership to the CIC program, and hiring and mentoring the student staff that learn and work with the core team. 

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Technology Track

Session Format
Speaker Presentation (45 minutes)