The rapidly evolving landscape of higher education demands leaders who can transcend traditional technical roles and embrace a broader, executive perspective. "Elevating Leadership: From Technical Expertise to Executive Influence" is a panel session tailored for technology professionals, department heads, and aspiring leaders, aimed at harnessing their technical prowess to drive strategic, institution-wide initiatives that improve educational and business outcomes. This engaging session will bring together a diverse group of seasoned executives and rising stars from the higher education technology sphere to share insights, strategies, and real-world examples of transitioning from functional leadership to strategic, enterprise leadership. Participants will learn how to leverage their technical background to influence decision-making at the highest levels, champion innovative solutions, and lead transformative change across their organizations. This session is a must-attend for those looking to step into executive roles and make a lasting impact on the future of higher education through strategic leadership and vision.

Ted Pennell

Ted Pennell

CIO, Camosun College

Ted Pennell is the CIO for Camosun College and is passionate about enhancing education through technology. He values innovation as an empowering agent for change and is skilled at building and maintaining productive relationships and developing capable teams that value customer service and collaboration. Ted holds an MBA degree with a specialization in consulting management and has numerous technology and business certifications and designations. 

Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart

CIO, Simon Fraser University

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Clifton Dildy

Director of IT, Camosun College

Clifton Dildy brings over ten years of experience in higher education technology leadership, currently serving as the Director of Information Technology at Camosun College where initiatives under his direction have led to significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency. He also excelled as Acting Interim Director of Student Affairs, impacting student wellness and success through strategic service design and development. Clifton is poised to share valuable insights on driving transformative change in higher education.

Garry Sagert

Garry Sagert

Senior Director, UVic Online, University of Victoria

Garry is the director of UVic Online Systems at the University of Victoria. Over the past 20 years, Garry has successfully led the delivery of more than $30M in strategic information systems and organizational change initiatives at the University of Victoria and throughout the B.C. higher education sector. Garry holds an MSc in Computer Science and has also made significant contributions to the field of dynamic graph algorithms. 

Wency Lum Headshot

Wency Lum

Associate Vice-President University Systems, University of Victoria

Technology Track

Session Format
Multi-campus Viewpoint Panel Discussion (45 mins)