In the ever-evolving landscape of education, digital transformation has become imperative in delivering seamless education experience. Digital transformation is not just about adopting new technologies, it is a holistic process that encompasses culture, strategy, people and technology. This presentation aims to explore the strategic use of a comprehensive business architecture framework in guiding and optimizing the digital transformation journey of Capilano University. It will delve into the practical application of a business application framework specifically tailored for post-secondary institutions.

The presenters will guide the audience through the following transformation process steps:

  • Determine transformation vision and objectives 
  • Determine processes part of the transformation
  • Describe each process in its ideal state
  • Determine gaps: Transformation opportunities
  • Conduct pain/gain analysis
  • Determine transformation initiatives
  • Develop transformation roadmap
Summit Speaker

Rav Goodison

Associate Vice President, Digital Technology Services, Capilano University

Rav is the associate vice president, digital technology services at Capilano University. She has a strong background in planning and implementing global and complex digital solutions and specializes in crafting digital and virtual solutions.

Summit Speaker

Melvin Lal

Director, DTO, Capilano University

Melvin is the Director, digital transformation office & cybersecurity at Capilano University.  He has extensive experience in risk mitigation and program/services planning which he approaches using interdisciplinary collaboration amongst leaders.  

Summit Speaker

Chris Jacques

Director, Academic and Student Systems, Capilano University

Chris is the Director, Student and Academic Solutions at Capilano University.  He specializes in business transformation processes identifying capabilities required to transform delivery of services that deliver the greatest value, and drive implementation of solutions that align to the strategic vision and achieve the desired outcomes.

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Technology Track

Session Format
Speaker Presentation (45 mins)