Security Threat Risk Assessments (STRA) are becoming a common requirement in institutions handling sensitive information. While this type of assessment may appear straightforward in a business context, there are often challenges presented in the research setting. This presentation will address STRA for research: what makes them unique, and the do’s and don’ts of conducting this type of assessment.

Summit Speaker

Luc Letarte

Sensitive Research Specialist, University of British Columbia

Luc Letarte is a Sensitive Research Specialist with UBC Advanced Research Computing. Since joining UBC, he has been involved with different groups, locally and nationally, to promote cybersecurity and privacy awareness, as well as good practices for research and research data management. His diverse experience in the public and private sector span information technology, business processes, and risk management. Luc is also a Certified Information Privacy Professional who specializes in governance and compliance for research in Canada. 

Jessica Galo, 2024 Summit Speaker

Jessica Galo

Sensitive Research Security Analyst, University of British Columbia

Jessica Galo is a Sensitive Research Security Analyst with the UBC Advanced Research Computing (ARC).  She has extensive experience facilitating clinical and administrative data research and providing consultation to researchers across Canada to ensure that their projects meet privacy, data transfer, and governing body policy requirements.  At ARC, Jessica is involved in threat intelligence as well as cybersecurity and privacy analysis, consultation and education.  Jessica holds a Canadian Institute of Access and Privacy Professionals (CIAPP) - Professional designation as well as an ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) designation.

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Technology Track

Session Format
Speaker Presentation (45 mins)