Join subject matter experts from BCNET, CANARIE and Cybera sharing insights, experiences and solutions related to the National Cybersecurity Assessment (NCA) report analysis and automation project. This project brought expertise across the NREN with a common challenge to build automated processes for the NCA service which has its own unique challenges and objectives.

We will be showcasing the strategy, technology, and collaborative efforts from multiple perspectives in this interactive session. For Cybera data scientists, this collaboration represented an opportunity to apply data-centric principles to a burgeoning NREN service area that was beginning to outgrow its current processes. For CANARIE analysts, leveraging automation would help their subject matter expertise improve efficiencies and scale efficiently to take the project to the next level and provide more value for member organizations. With only a short window to complete this pilot, we relied on each other’s expertise to develop a framework for future collaborations on the NCA project and more.

We will provide some data examples with anonymized data and dive into how we tackled each challenge, with takeaways on simple steps to improve automation and better utilize the time of subject matter experts. Moreover, we’ll highlight how diverse skill sets can come together to solve seemingly complex problems.

Alex Doradea-Cabrera

Alex Doradea-Cabrera

Cybersecurity Specialist, BCNET

Cyber Security Specialist at BCNET, self-proclaimed donut ambassador. With over 15 years of experience in Networking, Cybersecurity and service delivery. Currently working on the National Cybersecurity Assessment (NCA) initiative. My why consists of implementing cybersecurity solutions that make a positive and lasting impact.

Summit Speaker

Herve Guy

Analytics Manager, CANARIE

Hervé Guy is a Manager, Analytics at CANARIE. Hervé has supported CANARIE's work in the research, education, and innovation communities for over 25 years in a variety of technical roles. Currently, he is responsible for data collection, analysis, and management of CANARIE’s dashboard metrics. Prior to joining CANARIE, Hervé held a variety of technical management roles, including working as a Project Manager at the Canada Communication Group, Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager at Bombardier Inc., and Physics Engineer and Project Manager at Bomem Inc. 

Hervé holds a Master of Science, High Energy Physics (Carleton University), a Master of Science, Project Management and Certificate in Management Information Systems (Université du Québec en Outaouais), and a Baccalaureate, Physics Engineering (Université Laval). He is currently completing a Certificate in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity at Université du Québec en Outaouais.

Summit Speaker

Jordan Swanson

Data Scientist, Cybera

Jordan holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Master of Data Science and Analytics, both from the University of Calgary, and previously managed a health research lab at the university. As part of his data science work at Cybera, he enjoys helping companies and individuals to understand how leveraging data and automation can improve their efficiencies and decision-making. Jordan is also passionate about data visualization, health and fitness, and trivia.

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Multi-campus Viewpoint Panel Discussion (45 mins)