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In recent years, we have continued to see increased adoption of online learning technologies and methods. What was once “innovative practice” is increasingly an expectation. Questions continue to be asked regarding equitable access to technology, concerns about privacy and the ethics of digital pedagogy. And are these technologies used effectively to promote learning? IT and learning technology teams continue to be pushed to their limits, with ongoing concerns around recruiting and retaining skilled staff. The BC Ministry of Advanced Education has released a “Digital Learning Strategy”, with elements including a “digital literacies framework”, as well as new goals around digital learning implementation across institutions. In this track, we invite submissions from educators, learning technologists and strategic planners to share what they have learned over this period, and to raise and consider the challenges that lie ahead. We will learn from our experiences with technology provision, faculty and learner support, working in remote and hybrid environments, and untangling complex social dimensions to our practice against a backdrop of uncertainty. We will also explore the ongoing challenges to support accessible, flexible and effective practice into the future.

We are seeking proposals with these content themes:

  • Adopting and extending learning technologies, particularly in light of the Digital Learning Strategy's recommendations
  • Faculty engagement and development and the Digital Literacies Framework
  • Digital learning models: beyond F2F, hybrid, hyflex, online
  • Supporting learners in remote and hybrid learning, developing student digital literacies
  • Supporting pedagogies of care
  • Supporting indigenous users and reconciliation
  • Scaling up technology with limited resources
  • Academic integrity
  • Ethical practices
  • Surveillance technology and privacy
  • Accessibility, inclusive practice, universal design
  • Innovations in practice and provision of technology
  • Evaluating and implementing new technologies
  • Lessons learned from the pandemic
  • Emerging challenges