At Royal Roads University we have always had a significant online teaching and learning component. As the pandemic hit, programs that had always been on-campus had to shift online and, as we gradually returned sudden COVID surges often forced some of us back online. In the academic world after the pandemic RRU has blended programs where many students are happy to take their residency component online. We also continue to be sensitive about transmission of respiratory illnesses on campus and encourage students to stay home if not feeling well.

To support these scenarios Royal Roads embarked on a project to upgrade classrooms for hybrid learning. In our model this would be classes where some students were present in the classroom and some were joining via Zoom. We wanted a setup where a single instructor could teach to both groups simultaneously, and where both groups could see and hear each other, as well as the instructor and any teaching materials.

In this session, I will describe the design solutions RRU landed on and the successful adoption of these rooms for teaching and learning.

Keith Webster Headshot

Keith Webster

Associate Director for Learning Technologies, Thompson Rivers University

Keith manages teams within the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies that support both online and classroom technologies at Royal Roads. He has been an educational technologist and instructional designer for close to 20 years and has taught in the K-12 and post-secondary systems. Keith is a past chair of the Educational Technology User’s Group (ETUG) and teaches part time as an Open Learning Faculty member at Thompson Rivers University.

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