A thought-provoking conversation and exploration into the role of a CIO managing the dynamic and evolving digital landscape in post-secondary institutions.  In this panel discussion, leaders will offer actionable insights and strategies for professionals aspiring to, or currently navigating the CIO role. From managing large digital ecosystems, to navigating cybersecurity challenges, to fostering innovation, attendees will understand the multi-faceted responsibilities of a CIO from a range of perspectives. Let us delve into the story about effective leadership and the pivotal skills needed to thrive and face a constantly changing digital landscape.

Summit Speaker

Rav Goodison

Associate Vice President, Digital Technology Services, Capilano University

Rav is the associate vice president, digital technology services at Capilano University. She has a strong background in planning and implementing global and complex digital solutions and specializes in crafting digital and virtual solutions.

Matt Norton, 2024 Summit Speaker

Matt Norton

Associate Vice-President Digital Strategies, & Chief Information Officer, Thompson Rivers University

As per my LinkedIn profile: "I’m passionate about learning and strategic about how technology can bring value to people’s lives. I’m curious, and thoughtful about how to fully develop the potential of the people I lead so that collectively, we can do great things! Learning, producing and succeeding together is the work."

Summit Speaker

Jordan Perrey

Director Information Technology, Okanagan College

Jordan Perrey is an accomplished IT professional with over 20 years of experience. He has spent close to a decade with the BC Government before working in a private technology company. There he worked with a number of NHL, NBA and NFL teams. Over the last 6 years he had been the CIO at Okanagan College.

Summit Speaker

Omair Quraishi

Chief Information Officer, Vancouver Island University

Having worked at the University of Calgary, NOSM University, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and most recently at Vancouver Island University, Omair Quraishi brings a wealth of experience having grown his career to the CIO level at many institutions.  People, Culture, Governance, and Transparency have been his main areas of focus over the years.  He takes pride in the fact that the contribution of the teams he leads help shape the future by being part of the transformative journey of students in Higher Education.

He obtained his BSc. in Computer Science from the University of Calgary; later earned his MBA from the Queen’s School of Business in Kingston, ON and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Change Management Professional.  Omair has been passionate about information technology from as early as High School where he won several programming competitions and managed to short out the first computer he tried to build himself.  Luckily, parts warranties were way better back then!  In his free time he builds indoor forts with his two little children and enjoys long drives with his wife.

Session Recording

Technology Track

Session Format
45 minutes
Session Location
Grand Ballroom