In a continuously changing landscape, the BCNET strategic roadmap purposefully charts our direction––setting our course for the future. The roadmap serves to shape our evolution and growth, renew our priorities, while aligning with our existing vision, mission, core values and areas of strategic focus.

A Roadmap for the Future

Despite a global changing environment, BCNET remains steadfast in delivering our priorities and planning for the future. In 2022, together with our Board of Directors and stakeholders, we completed and endorsed the five-year strategic plan, which clearly defines a roadmap for our evolution and growth. This plan positions BCNET well for the future, demonstrating our proven ability to drive efficiencies and service excellence across the higher education sector in British Columbia.

We Engaged with Stakeholders in the Strategic Planning Process

For the five-year strategic planning process, we enlisted MNP LLP, one of Canada’s leading professional services firms, to manage the eight-month project. They gathered Board, member and staff inputs through a five-stage, engagement-driven, planning process, resulting in a Board-approved, five-year strategic roadmap.

 3 Areas of Strategic Focus

Priorities 2022–2027

From the strategic planning process, we identified the top priorities for the next five years. The priorities reflect BCNET’s commitment as a member-driven services organization that is focused on delivering value for public, post-secondary and research institutions. As we look to the future, BCNET’s growth will be purposeful and aligned with its mission, and it will be responsible for the quality and integrity of its services.

Member Services

Network Services
Continue to enhance the reliability, security, resilience and capacity of the network to ensure that our members can depend on this infrastructure and take advantage of evolving technologies.

Assist our members in achieving and sustaining an appropriate cybersecurity posture.

Shared Solutions
Advance the provision of, and value from, shared services and procurement.

Stakeholder Relations

Resource Sharing and Collaboration
Enhance opportunities for collaboration including facilitated sharing of resources.

Business Relationship Management
Evolve the account management function such that it expands how BCNET supports members’ needs and expectations.

BCNET Organization

Purposeful Growth
Put in place a framework for growth and expansion of services.

Talent Acquisition and Development
Recruit, develop and retain specialists in support of the member services and stakeholder relations priorities, notably those with expertise in cybersecurity and the network.

Results Oriented
Continue to track and report our performance with the view to demonstrate achievements in relation to the strategic priorities and value to the members.