Collaboration is one of the hallmarks of our success. By supporting and nurturing collaboration, BCNET has fostered a unique and trusted member community. We facilitate member involvement through our service-focused committees, working groups, communities of practice, member forums and events. These community groups are opportunities for higher education professionals to learn from each other, share and find services and solutions to common challenges.

A Community for You

We rely on your active involvement in our community to grow and evolve services. Thanks to member participation, we have made tremendous strides in growing the BCNET portfolio, offering over 130 collaboratively sourced quality services and contracts. As a community, we are generating greater efficiencies for the sector and delivering exceptional service value.

Our Community Groups

Explore our list of community groups where members can get involved contribute, identify service challenges, develop best practices and support the sector. We can’t be successful without our community groups that makes all of this happen.

Network Services Community Groups
  • Network Services Committee

    The Network Services Committee guides the development of member services, technologies, and projects and service implementations. The committee consists of a combination of IT management, network managers, and technology experts who provide input on process, technology and delivering operational excellence.

  • Internet of Things Community of Practice

    Join this community of practice for open discussions about the Internet of Things (IoT). The group explores the impact and implications of the IoT on members' existing and future technologies and to ask questions: What are the risks and benefits? The challenges and opportunities? Its definition and scope? Membership is open to any staff in IT, network, or cybersecurity from a member institution. Active participation and contribution is expected by each member of the CoP.

  • Network Operations Community of Practice

    This is a group of like-minded members who meet to share their practices and procedures in operating, supporting, and managing campus networks and related infrastructure. This group is a forum to encourage sharing and learning among all participants including approaches to challenges and strategies. Topics can include, but not limited to: tools and reporting, standard processes and procedures, fault management. capacity and provisioning management, SLAs, configuration management, documentation and training.

  • Wireless Community of Practice

    The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and expertise on campus wireless services, infrastructure, support and Wi-Fi, as well as cellular technologies. The group offers a forum for the exchange of information and expertise recommend activities and deliverables, provide project management, sponsorship, and ownership for BCNET projects relating to wireless services and wireless infrastructure.

Cybersecurity and Identity Management Community Groups
  • Cybersecurity and Identity Management Services Committee

    The Cybersecurity and Identity Management Service Committee is a multi-institutional group that collaboratively identifies and assists with the implementation of cybersecurity and identity management priorities for the membership. Together they guide and recommend priorities, subcommittees, services, activities and training to advance the security posture of members. The member participants include information security professionals and IT leaders from all a wide range of institutions in B.C.

  • Cybersecurity Communities of Practice

    Members can join important discussions with security professionals regarding topics such as security tools, technology, challenges and best practices through our community groups. Participation is open to security professionals within our higher ed and research member community. Interested members can contact to join.

    Following are the active communities of practice:

    • Multi-Factor Authentication Community of Practice
    • Microsoft Office 365 Security Community of Practice
    • Security Information and Event Management Community of Practice
    • Intrusion Detection System Community of Practice


Procurement Services Community Groups
  • Procurement Services Committee

    The Procurement Services Committee guides and inspires BCNET Procurement Services’ activities. The Committee provides oversight on the annual collaborative procurement plan and agreement outcomes while providing sector insights, perspectives, and guidance on a wide range of reports and business cases. In concert with the respective category committees, leaders on the Procurement Services Committee provide the space for high level engagement and collaboration across the sector in the development of holistic strategies.

  • Procurement Category Committee

    The Procurement Services Category Committees provide a space for continuous collaboration, where members come together to guide and inspire procurement services planning and work. In turn, the input from the committees provides perspectives for members to access the value from BCNET agreements. Each committee leverages the collective strengths of its members in developing a rolling category strategy and supporting the identification and prioritization of new opportunities. The committee also provides feedback on existing agreement performance and category strategies, offering insights and advocacy.

    For more information about these groups, contact

    There are 4 active category committees:

    • Administrative Services Category Committee
    • Facilities Category Committee
    • Information Technology Category Committee
    • Operational Supplies Category Committee
Shared Systems and Technology Community Groups
  • Shared Systems and Technology Service Committee

    The Shared Systems and Technology Committee is responsible for strategies in the development of new services, improvements to existing services and the de-commissioning of underused or redundant technology services. The committee is focused on IT systems, enterprise resource systems, educational technology and procurement opportunities in these domains.

  • Banner Service Committee

    The Banner Services Committee collaborates to offer oversight and advice regarding the needs of institutions that are using Ellucian Banner services. The committee proposes shared ERP services for higher ed and is made up of technical and functional leaders from member institutions.

  • Colleague Service Committee

    The Colleague Services Committee works together to offer oversight and advice regarding the needs of institutions that are using Ellucian Colleague services. The committee proposes collaborative ERP services for higher ed and is made up of technical and functional leaders from member institutions.

  • Colleague Service Security Committee

    The Colleague Service Security Committee provides leadership, guidance and recommendations to support and enhance the security posture of Colleague services for members.

  • Shared Systems and Technology Communities of Practice

    If you are interested in joining these communities of practices, contact

    We facilitate the following meetings on behalf of the members:

    • Banner Financial Aid Consortium 
    • Colleague Finance 
    • Colleague HR/Payroll 
    • Colleague Student 
    • Kaltura 
    • Moodle
    • TeamDynamix 
Professional Development and Training Community Groups
  • Professional Development and Training Services Committee

    The Professional Development and Training Service Committee provides guidance and direction for this service portfolio and assists in the development of strategies to advance service initiatives for IT staff at our member institutions. The committee aims to deliver courses that meet the members’ needs, develop knowledge and skills that align with our extensive service portfolio, and support the development of leaders within the sector.