A low-cost, online, secondary, data backup storage and retrieval service.

DATA-SAFE securely safeguards public-sector data inside British Columbia, but outside the earthquake zone. Users can backup and store their critical data at the shared, dedicated, high-capacity, storage facility. By leveraging DATA-SAFE's storage equipment and the BCNET Advanced Network, institutions can safely transmit and store secondary data. DATA-SAFE is a collaborative service made possible by BCNET higher education member institutions.

Service Offering Benefit

Safe and Secure Shared Data Storage Facility

Backup and store your critical data at our shared, dedicated high-capacity storage facility within British Columbia, but outside of the earthquake zone.

Safeguard your critical data and reduce risk of data loss in the event of an earthquake or disaster. 

Protect the privacy and confidentiality of public-sector data, while meeting the requirements of BC's Freedom of Information & Privacy Act.

Infrastructure as a Service
Leverage our existing storage equipment, hardware and the BCNET Advanced Network to transmit and store secondary data.

Reduce your capital and operating costs by 30 – 50%.

Online backup for fast and easy data transmission at multi-gigabit transmission speeds.

Fully Managed Support and Service
Service support including help-desk and trouble calls.

Reduce administrative management, leverage technology expertise.


Eligible Members

This service is available to all members. To see a complete list of all BCNET members, please use the following link.

BCNET members


How to purchase

For more information about purchasing, please contact Client Services.


Support & Service Requests

We provide support on Monday to Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM to ensure uninterrupted, problem-free service. Contact: or call 604-424-0489

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