Digital Signage

Digital Signage is one of the most flexible ways to communicate with your community.

The BCNET Digital Signage service is delivered through a pre-negotiated agreement with Microserve for TelemetryTV’s digital signage solution. By leveraging economies of scale, BCNET is able to offer members a cost effective, scalable solution that allows them to create, manage and distribute content on existing electronic displays throughout their campus and facilities.

TelemetryTV’s cloud-based digital signage platform allows members to easily scale and manage their digital signage network with ease, all from a central location. The platform offers automatic provisioning, uptime reporting and allows for offline work. With a robust set of user and playlist permissions, members can empower their employees to create intuitive content while remaining on brand.


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Cost effective shared solutions

Offers significant cost reductions, efficiencies and economies of scale by utilizing aggregate licensing, centralized management and support.



User-friendly software platform to create, manage and publish content on digital signs. A powerful administrative tool for control, automation and data integration. It makes planning, scheduling, distributing and monitoring media content across your network simple and easy.


Content management

Customize individual workflows, content rights and permissions for different users with role-based content control and access functionality. A simplified web-based content management interface extends individual screen content control to specific front-line users, minimizing reliance on signage administrators.


Common broadcast medium

A single, common emergency broadcast message can be issued across all displays connected to this service.

Eligible Members

This service is available to all members. To see a complete list of all BCNET members, please use the following link.

BCNET members


How to purchase

For more information about purchasing, please contact Shared Systems and Technology.


If you would like to purchase additional endpoints, please email Shared Systems and Technology


Digital Signage provides online support for its service.

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