Natural Gas Consulting - Independent Energy Consultants

We have renewed the agreement with Independent Energy Consultants to provide independent consulting services for higher education institutions.

Through the agreement, members will have access to professional and knowledgeable advisory services, including the development of tailored natural gas acquisition strategies that support institutional environmental objectives. The cost-sharing model of the natural gas program is administered by BCNET.

  • Lowered cost of gas acquisition and improved cost containment through institutional and sector-wide, short through long term procurement strategies

  • Enhanced institutional risk management by providing ongoing monitoring of natural gas market conditions and recommendation of strategies to ensure security of supply and avoided costs

  • Enhanced institutional risk management through the monitoring and regular provision of natural gas market condition updates.

  • Environment initiative support, including:

    • Carbon emissions offset trading markets advice

    • Reviewing and validating renewable gas programs and strategies

    • Advice on future environmental efficiency programs related to the natural gas market

  • Institutional portfolio development support, including but not limited to:

    • Needs analysis and gas acquisition management recommendations

    • Advice on natural gas supply mechanisms

    • The development of natural gas budgets

  • Lowered cost of gas acquisition and improved cost containment through institutional and sector-wide, short- and long-term procurement strategies



For inquiries about the program, contact

BCNET Procurement Team 

Expiry date: June 29, 2025

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