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Key Contacts 

Kaitlyn Warcholak, Client Success Specialist
Phone: (519) 804-9568

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Agreement Details

The agreement expires December 31, 2025 

For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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About Bonfire Strategic Sourcing Tool

Bonfire empowers procurement teams through purpose-built features that support stakeholder engagement, the consolidation of information, data-based reporting and the fostering of teamwork. The strategic sourcing software allows members to leverage industry insights, benchmarks, and data analysis to make proactive and informed decisions. Bonfire offers all sourcing activities online to ensure 100% compliance, the shortening of evaluation times, and improvement of transparency. The BCNET Bonfire agreement provides members a 20% discount off standard rates for the purchase of new seats and modules to support contract management requirements, stakeholder intake activities, vendor performance tracking, and more. 



Competitive Pricing

Sector-wide pricing with a 20% discount off standard rates when purchasing new seats and modules


Process Compliance

Offers built in features to ensure process compliance, evaluation tracking and improved transparency


Improved Performance

Includes bid tables for simplified side-by-side analysis, questionnaires to structure tenders and working group oversight features for project management requirements


Risk Management

Central repository for contracts and related documentation. Ability to track changes and key metrics on performance for contract management and vendor performance analysis

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