IT Project Management

IT projects come with distinct challenges for all project team members, and most of all, for the project manager


Practice using the tools and techniques of formal project management. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals and best practices of project management methodology as applied to IT initiatives.

 Using real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises, you will apply practical project
management principles to successfully take a project from planning to rollout.


This course qualifies you for the following PMI® Professional Development Units (PDUs):

  • Leadership = 4
  • Strategic and Business Management = 3
  • Technical Project Management = 14

​Total = 21 Units

This course also includes:

  • Certified instructor-led training
  • In-person and online course delivery options
  • Catered lunch, snacks, coffee and light breakfast foods daily


IT professionals, IT project managers, IT managers, IT project team members,
associate project managers, project managers, project coordinators, project
analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, team leaders, product managers,
and program managers.


  • Articulate the relevance of core project management competences
  • Identify key project goals and assumptions and set the stage for value delivery
  • Understand how to identify stakeholders and assess how to engage with them
  • during the project
  • Meet stakeholder informational needs by creating an actionable
  • communication plan
  • Articulate product scope as part of the charter
  • Become familiar with the process of eliciting and capturing requirements
  • Create the WBS and dictionary that would deliver the scope in the project
  • charter
  • Perform a more detailed and systematic assessment of risk
  • Articulate guiding quality characteristics for the project
  • Sequence activities, create schedule, and estimate the cost of the project
  • Prepare to oversee go-live
  • Manage change in projects
  • Track value delivery in projects
  • Understand the basics of a project retrospective
  • Practice essential project management skills to help mitigate time,budget, quality and scope constraints
  • Determine product scope through effective identification of requirements, assess and manage stakeholder expectations, identify and manage risks, and meet quality standards while navigating change requests.
  • Examine important aspects of IT projects, including communication needs of virtual teams, security, and testing
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls of IT project success to deliver optimal business value for your IT projects

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