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About Digital Signage

Access the digital signage service agreement available through Microserve for TelemetryTV‚Äôs digital signage solution. The agreement offers a cost-effective, scalable solution to create, manage and distribute content on existing electronic displays throughout your campus and facilities. It makes planning, scheduling, distributing and monitoring media content across your network simple and easy. With TelemetryTV you can easily manage all your devices from a central location. With a robust set of user and playlist permissions, you can empower your employees to create intuitive content while still being on brand. The automatic provisioning, uptime reporting and allows for offline work. 



Reduce Costs

The agreement offers aggregate licensing, centralized management and support to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and supply economies of scale


Create and Share Content Easily

Access a user-friendly platform to create, manage and publish content on digital signs; a powerful administrative tool for control, automation and data integration


Improve Efficiencies

A simplified web-based content management interface extends individual screen content control to front-line users, minimizing reliance on signage administrators


Ultimate User Control

Empower employees to create engaging visuals. TelemetryTV offers a robust set of user and playlist permission settings, ensuring your content is brand compliant



Customize individual workflows, content rights and permissions for different users with role-based content control and access functionality

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