BCNET holds a master agreement with Turnitin to offer preferred pricing on higher ed solutions that promote academic integrity, streamline grading and feedback, deter plagiarism, and improve student outcomes. 

Under the BCNET agreement, Turnitin offers two solutions, Gradescope and Feedback Studio. 

We have completed a privacy impact assessment (PIA) and a master services agreement that includes a privacy protection schedule. Members can login here to view the PIA. 

Institutions that sign up for Turnitin, will have access to the software hosted in Canada and preferential pricing.


Gradescope Benefits

Gradescope is an assessment platform that reduces the time associated with grading courses via an optimized online workflow and artificial intelligence.

Gradescope helps instructors seamlessly administer and grade all of their assessments, whether online or in-class. Saves time grading and allows faculty get a clear picture of how students are doing. Gradescope makes it easier for instructors to quickly grade assignments and gain additional insights about student learning in any area of study.

  • Scan student work:  saves time overall, prevents cheating, and frees your office of old exams.
  • Send and export grades: Send grades to students with a click or export them to your own gradebook.
  • Get detailed analytics: Get per-question and per-rubric statistics to understand how students are doing.


Feedback Studio Benefits

Feedback Studio is a “similarity checking” software that integrates into learning management systems.  The software provides the instructor and their students with immediate access to the information and the tools needed for an efficient marking and feedback process.

Save time on grading and feedback: Empowers instructors with commenting and grading tools that make the feedback process faster, easier, and more consistent.

Measure student success at scale: Track and analyze student progress to inform instruction and support strategic initiatives throughout your institution.


Eligible Members

The agreement is available to all higher education members. To see a complete list of all BCNET members, please use the following link.

BCNET Members


How to purchase

For more information about purchasing, please contact Client Services.

Email: clientservices@bc.net

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