The 2019 Annual Review theme, 30 Years of Collaboration and Innovation, celebrates BCNET's 30-year history and highlights our 2018/19 achievements. 

Twenty-eighteen marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of BCNET.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished in the past three decades. The research and education community that founded BCNET played an important role in creating the first internet in British Columbia, and the first shared IT service for higher education. As a builder of the internet, we pioneered the concept of a community-owned and shared network infrastructure. With our long history of managing the network, we were able to foster a collaborative community, and an environment of mutual trust. See: 2019 BCNET Annual Review.




"For 30 years, BCNET has evolved, grown and reached countless milestones. Throughout our history and evolution, three constants have helped ensure our success: our engaged member community, our external stakeholders and our dedicated staff."

Bala Kathiresan

President & CEO, BCNET



We are proud of our history––a heritage of member-led collaboration for technology innovation and discovery

We were built on the strong relationships of our members who envisioned working toward a common purpose. Collaboration and innovation have always been at the heart of BCNET and our successes. Today, our community of IT professionals, and research, industry and government leaders, continue to cooperate to discover next-generation technologies.