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BCNET Receives MISA Associate Partner of the Year Award

We are excited to announce that BCNET received the Associate Partner of the Year Award at the B.C. MISA (Municipal Information Systems Association) Conference in Victoria.

The MISA Award acknowledges our leadership, innovation and achievements in municipal information technology in British Columbia, as well as our collaborative role in forming alliances and affiliations with various levels of government and IT vendors in building municipal fibre networks.

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Alliances to Better Serve Citizens in B.C.

For over 20 years, we have facilitated cooperative relationships among B.C.'s municipalities, higher education institutions and IT vendors to deliver technology services for B.C.’s universities, colleges, institutes, hospitals and research organizations. These partnerships have opened mutual opportunities for BCNET and B.C's municipalities to utilize high-speed network infrastructure for our collective stakeholders. 

Enabling High-Speed Networks for Prince George

“We found great value in working with BCNET and their regional stakeholders. Their expertise in utilizing the City’s high-speed, dark fibre networks and regional resources helped us extend, enhance and deliver better connectivity for the citizens of Prince George. Working together, we were able to identify opportunities where both parties benefited in providing superior connectivity to our stakeholders.”

Bill McCloskey, IT Manager, City of Prince George

Access for 266,670 Students in 7 Municipalities

Working in collaboration with the Cities of Kamloops, Kelowna, Vancouver, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Surrey, and Prince George, BCNET utilized the municipal fibre optic infrastructure to bring high-speed connectivity to 266,670 students at 16 higher ed and research member institutions. Our network infrastructure is the gateway to Canada's National Research and Education Network which is unlocking opportunities for online education and training, enabling researchers to solve some of society’s greatest challenges and helping to bridge the digital divide.

High-Speed Access for Business, Innovation and Research in Local Municipalities

Municipal high-speed networks are attracting leading health, research, and technology firms and supporting many of the broader city initiatives, such as smart cities, broadband advancements, improved internet/networks for businesses and institutions, as well as the development of health, innovation and technology hubs. By building relationships with all levels of government, higher education, telecommunications companies, and public sector organizations, both BCNET and city municipalities have discovered projects and opportunities for advancing network infrastructure to support local innovation.

Advancing City of Surrey's Broadband Strategy

“Our partnership with BCNET has opened new opportunities for Surrey to build and expand fibre optic network infrastructure. We leveraged their expertise with telecom companies, utility organizations, outside plant construction and national network providers to rapidly progress broadband supported community outcomes such as health technology innovation, university district growth and digital inclusion. The BCNET partnership advances the City’s Broadband Strategy in building a world-class connected city.”

Geoff Samson, Manager, Strategic Projects, City of Surrey