Richmond Public Library Launches eduroam at all Locations


Richmond Public Library Launches eduroam at all Locations

BCNET has partnered with Richmond Public Libraries to launch eduroam, the secure, global Wi-Fi service for the higher education and research community, at its library locations.

With this new service, staff, students, faculty and researchers from any participating Canadian or international post-secondary institution can now automatically connect to the internet at the library. The eduroam service securely connects participating customers to the library’s internet connection, using the username and password from their home institutions.

Connecting Canadian and International Post-Secondary Students

Richmond Public Library (RPL) locations are extremely well utilized by students of all ages to study, do research, and work on group or individual projects. In addition, Richmond is a travel destination and a connecting hub, welcoming newcomers and students from around the world. The ability for Canadian and international post-secondary students to use eduroam to stay connected to their institution’s online resources, while on the go, provides vital access to the internet and improved access to online learning.

Students and faculty at eduroam-equipped institutions can quickly and easily access the service at the library. It should seamlessly connect without any action required. RPL joins over 194 locations in B.C. and 626 sites across Canada that offer eduroam.    

“Our libraries are popular go-to destinations for local students,” said Charles Leung, manager of Information Technology at Richmond Public Library. “Enabling eduroam at RPL will enhance our in-library experience. We are always seeking out meaningful initiatives and partnerships such as this one, where we can inspire learning.”

Broadening Internet Access in B.C.

BCNET is partnering with municipalities, public libraries, school districts and airports to grow the service across British Columbia, extending the free, secure internet service for its membership of colleges, universities and institutes.

“The library offers seamless connectivity to this world-wide roaming service, supporting Wi-Fi access for education and research, anytime and anywhere,” said Clarence Lee, director of Client Services and Communications at BCNET. “As more libraries join eduroam, we are enabling broader internet access and bridging the digital divide.”

“Students, staff, and faculty with eduroam access can securely learn and work from wherever, whenever – including now at RPL,” said Christina Colangelo, program manager, Identity and Access Management at CANARIE. “We’re pleased to work with BCNET and the library to expand eduroam access at more public places – supporting smart cities initiatives across Canada.”