Cybersecurity Professional Services Roster for Planning and Assessment Services


  • Bulletproof Solutions 
  • CDW
  • Compugen
  • Dave Steeves and Associates 
  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • Malleum
  • Mirai Security
  • MNP Digital 
  • PwC
  • Okiok Data

Agreement Details 

Expiry Date: January 14, 2027

Key Contacts

Bulletproof Solutions 
Charit Khatri, Vice President of Sales
Phone Number: (506) 300-7602 

John Gardner, Account Executive
Phone Number: 604-999-1301

Brandt Goemans (Region 1 - Vancouver Island/ Coast, Region 4 - Northern BC), Account Executive
Phone Number: 236-997-7366

Francis Fong (Region 2 - Lower Mainland), Client Director, BC Public Sector
Phone Number: 604-367-9575

Tricia Ritchie (Region 3- Central/ Southern Interior), Account Executive
Phone Number: 236-997-7366

Customer Support Line (General queries - 8:30am - 5:00pm PST)
Phone Number: 1-844-365-6123

Dave Steeves and Associates 
Dave Steeves, CIO
Phone Number: 604-298-7758

Customer Support (General queries - 8:30am - 5:00pm PST)
Phone Number: 604-298-7700, 1-888-952-8800

Amie Foster, Director
Phone Number: 250-216-6110

Robert Masse, Partner
Phone Number: 514-296-9302

Erik Berg
, Partner, Risk Consulting
Phone Number: 604-691-3245


Patrick Cuthbertson, Associate, Marketing & Proposal Writing
Phone Number: 1-877-RED-TEAM1-613-453-8745

Mirai Security
Customer Support
(General queries Monday through Friday – 9 am – 5pm Pacific Time)
Phone Number: 1-(877) 745-2729

Alex Dow, Chief Innovation Officer
Phone Number: (778) 819-6963

MNP Digital
Simon Daley (Region 1 - Vancouver Island), Sr. Manager
Phone Number: 250-514-1468

Chris Law (Region 2 - Lower Mainland, Region 3- Central/ Southern Interior, Region 4 - Northern BC), Partner
Phone Number: 604-817-4852

Alvin Madar, Partner
Phone Number: 604-617-3670

Santhosh Sankar, Director
Phone Number: 604-360-8419

Okiok Data
Anderson Ortega, Principal Director – Business Development
Phone Number: 450-681-1681 Ext. 286

Customer Support (General queries - 8am-6pm EST)
Phone Number: 450-681-1681

(Contact email addresses are linked in contact names)

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BCNET has established a pre-qualified roster for cybersecurity professional services, a comprehensive initiative aimed at supporting higher education members in enhancing their cybersecurity preparedness through planning and assessment expertise. Members can take advantage of pre-negotiated maximum hourly rates for a variety of resource types, simplified access through minimal administrative effort, and responsive customer service for day-to-day and ongoing support.   



Qualified Cybersecurity Services

A comprehensive range of resource types to support security threat and risk assessments, penetration testing, incident response planning and testing, enterprise governance, risk and compliance, and PCI compliance services.



Access to expert guidance in developing robust cybersecurity plans tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions.


Administrative efficiencies

Ability to quickly onboard planning and assessment expertise, reducing lead time, lowering administrative efforts and enabling faster project initiation, leading to increased overall efficiency.


Best practice and expertise

Access to the latest cybersecurity best practices offered by suppliers with a demonstrated track record of successful project delivery with strong focus on innovation, reliability and adaptability to evolving cyber threats.

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