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About CIRA Anycast DNS 

BCNET has partnered with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) to offer members quality Domain Name System (DNS) protection. The service is comprised of two clouds that span 13 locations worldwide. At these locations, CIRA peers directly with over 5,000 networks at some of the world’s largest Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). This ensures quick query times and multiple resilient routes. As a secondary service, organizations can add extra performance and redundancy while continuing to manage the primary DNS safe behind a corporate firewall or with the vendor of their choice.

CIRA Anycast DNS is dependable, distributed, defensive and domestic

Anycast DNS is easy to use with three options: 

  • Provision, monitor and manage via an easy-to-use web management console
  • Automated provisioning of all new DNS records with CIRA’s notify listener
  • Integrate into your existing systems using the REST API



Disaster Proof

Anycast servers peer to over 5,000 networks to provide a 100% up time service level agreement (SLA). Diverse transit providers, hardware and software stacks and a separate management network keeps you online versus the worst zero-day scenario.



Anycast technology automatically routes DNS queries to the closest nameserver.  CIRA Anycast DNS includes sites across Canada in well-peered IXPs to keep latency low for your important traffic.


DDoS Resiliency

International nodes soak up DDoS attacks that originate offshore to keep the problem away.


Enterprise Support

CIRA’s networking and DNS experts monitor CIRA Anycast DNS 24 hours a day. 


24/7 Technical Support

Hourly, daily and monthly DNS reports by zone let you analyze your DNS traffic. Users can monitor zone transfers with automated alerts when there is a problem.



Provides support for IPv6 DNS resolution. This results in better performance for your best customers and users. CIRA delivers a 102% faster response time than other providers for your Canadian traffic. 



Support for DNSSEC. Signed zone transfers using TSIG and CIRA is ISO 27001 certified

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