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Connecting Research and Education

The BCNET Advanced Network is British Columbia’s only provincial research and education network. Covering thousands of kilometres, our private ultra-high-speed network connects 172 colleges, institutes, research universities, federal and provincial labs and research institution sites in British Columbia. Thousands of students, faculty, researchers and staff in the higher education and research community rely on the Advanced Network to share data and connect to a global web of more than 100 research and education networks around the world.

Why Advanced Networks?

We have a 34-year history in delivering advanced networking solutions for the research and education community in British Columbia. From our early years as the first internet service provider in the province, BCNET has evolved and deployed one of the most sophisticated collaboration platforms—a platform that provides the performance, security, resiliency and capabilities required for higher education and research. The network enables today’s digital campus and  the demanding requirements of cloud computing, online learning, data-intensive research, high-performance computing and business critical services. 

Connectivity and Network Management 

The complete scope of BCNET network solutions focuses on our full service approach and understanding of our members' needs. The  fibre optic network, is a custom-built, high-performance network designed to meet the unique needs of our higher ed and research members. By offering ultra-high-speed connectivity, a host of innovative features, and expert, hands-on service, we’re able to deliver connected members a network connectivity experience above and beyond what commercials ISPs can offer.

Our Team of Networking Experts Support Institutions with:

  • High-bandwidth access to the National Research and Education Network
  • New campus network connection planning, design and implementation
  • Management of circuit contracts such as tendering, contract negotiation and execution, implementation project management and coordination
  • Implementation of primary and redundant network connections (up to 10 Gig)
  • 24 X7 access to BCNET Network Operations Centre
BCNET Advance Network




Powerful Performance

A powerful platform to cost-effectively access and deliver technology services


Reduce Costs

A private and dedicated network to securely and cost-effectively transmit large volumes of data


Global Reach

Reach 100+ Global networks through the BCNET Network, allowing researchers to take part in collaborative data-intensive research across the globe


Access Advanced Computing

Connect with high-speed access to advanced research computing, data storage facilities, scientific visualization technologies, resources and tools


Private Network Dedicated to R&E

Private information networks and services dedicated to the unique needs of universities, colleges, and research institutes.

Benefits Grid
Specialized, Custom-Built Services
  • Local Virtual LAN

    Create a private network connection between your institution and any research or higher education participant at BCNET Transit Exchange points. This service is ideal for projects that require Ethernet Layer 2 connectivity to multiple locations.

  • Private Wavelength

    For research projects that require extremely high-bandwidth connections to other research facilities in Canada or around the world, BCNET can provide private wavelengths of 1 or 10 gigabits per second.

  • Transparent Ethernet

    For institutions that require high-availability networks, the transparent Ethernet service enables the utilization of an MPLS fail-over scheme. It allows institutions to run CDP, STP, dot1q, and VLANs within their own domain. The service is available as point-to-point or multi-point and allows multiple VLANS over the same circuit.

  • Special Build

    BCNET can customize services that directly fit the requirements of an institution.