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About Caching Services

Access caching services to improve internet  response times, performance and reliability, without increasing internet costs. BCNET’s caching service is a dedicated server that saves previously requested web pages, or internet content pages, speeding up content delivery for users. By placing previously requested information or web pages/content in temporary storage, or cache, the cache servers speed up access to data and reduce demand on an institution’s enterprise bandwidth. The service offloads traffic bound for commercial providers and reroutes traffic to the NREN resulting in reduced demand for commercial internet bandwidth, better performance, and reduced internet transit costs.

Apple Caching  
With widespread use of Mac and iOS devices at institutions, internet bandwidth may be affected when downloading content from Apple servers. The caching service stores common iOS updates and requests to a local server, helping reduce internet traffic and increase bandwidth. Local Apple cache servers offer the capability for clients to automatically download common updates from local servers in nearby locations speeding up response times.  

  • Servers found near your institution at our province-wide exchange points  
  • Automatically stores content requests from users in local Apple cache servers 
  • Stored cache content readily available for access/download by your users 

Global Google Caching 
A Google Global Cache is found at the BCNET Vancouver Exchange to serve up Google content such as YouTube and FaceBook quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. 



Reduce Internet Costs

Reduces the load on commercial internet traffic when users download common updates and requests


Faster Response Times

Cached Content loads faster with automatic downloaded updates from local servers speeding up response times

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