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About the Virtual Router Service

The Virtual Router Service is a cloud-based, carrier-grade, high-performance router that connects your organization's network to the BCNET transit exchange infrastructure. Fully supported by BCNET, the virtual router makes it easy, simple and cost-effective to connect to the Advanced Network and the National Research and Education Network. 


  • Provisions carrier-grade, high-performance routing hardware 
  • Delivers instantaneous access to high-performance core routing instances 
  • Enables secure access and multiple network connections such as VLANs and Multi-homing 



Enhance Performance

Boost your network performance with options for 100 Mbps, GigE or 10 GigE routers


Reduce Costs

Reduce equipment and operating costs by 28-40%


Expert Support

Leverage our highly trained network experts for training, consultation and configuration



Ability to more easily move routing functions around a network or data center


Simplify Maintenance

Automated monitoring of your router and proactive 24/7 router support

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