Audio Visual Equipment and Services Roster


  • Applied Electronics Limited 
  • AVI-SPL 
  • Evolution AV Ltd. 
  • Matrix Video Communication Corp. 
  • Microserve 
  • PJS Systems Inc. 
  • Ricoh 

Agreement Details  

The agreement expires November 30, 2025
For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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Key Contacts  

Applied Electronics Limited 
Stephen Monteith, Account Manager 
Cheryl Bruley, Western Regional Manager
24/7 Customer Support Line (General queries)

Corey Furnell, Account Manager 
24/7 Customer Support Line (General queries)
Tel: 1-800-491-1121
Note: Technical support is chargeable service unless the Institution is under the Service Level Agreement with the Supplier

Evolution AV Ltd. 
Region 1 - Vancouver Island and Coast
Charles Lowry, Account Manager

All other regions
Andre Rink, Regional Manager
Aditya Gulati, Account Manager
Tell: 778-227-8722
24/7 Customer Support Line (General queries)
Tel: 1-800-561-9820

Matrix Video Communication Corp. 
Vancouver Island & Coast
Greg Johnston-Watson, Account Manager 

All other Regions
Darryl Tham, Account Manager
Warren Rochon, Account Manager
24/7 Customer Support Line (General queries)
Tel: 604-436-4492

Key Contacts  

All Regions
Sylvain Jacob, Vice-President of Sales

Region 1 - Vancouver Island and the Coast
Ron Vincent, Account Executive

Region 2 - Lower Mainland
Cornelius Temple, Account Executive

Region 3 - Central/ Southern Interior
Larry Stefanishen, Account Executive

PJS Systems Inc. 
Ross Hazlehurst, Senior Account Executive
Tell: 236-317-2139
24/7 Customer Support Line (General queries)
Tel: 1-800-385-9921

All Regions
Rob Werbin, Senior Solution Consultant, Communication Services

Region 1 - Vancouver Island and the Coast and Region 2 - Lower Mainland
Michelle McMorran, Client Executive, Public Sector

Region 3 - Central/ Southern Interior and Region 4 - Northern BC
Richard Hyde, Client Executive, Public Sector

24/7 Customer Support Line (General queries)

(Contact email addresses are linked in contact names)

About the Audio Visual Equipment and Services Roster

BCNET has established a pre-qualified roster of audio-visual (AV) equipment and services to support the growing demand for AV solutions required for learning, administration, and campus expansion in the higher ed sector. The roster provides a wide range of industry-leading suppliers that have expertise in designing and integrating AV systems, offering a wide range of brands, products, and capabilities, providing options to extend the life of supplies wherever possible and making green disposal options available. Members can leverage industry experts along with best-in-class technology to help their institutions connect, communicate, and collaborate. 



Qualified Professional Services

Access to leading pre-qualified and specialized expert suppliers that have the capacity to meet institutional operational and project-related needs in all regions of the province


Risk Management

Suppliers support best practices and are compliant with current industry standards


Advisory Services 

Expert consultants with market intelligence and deep technical analysis to support strategic decisions aligned to the current marketplace offerings and technology advancements


Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing on hardware and services from a comprehensive catalogue of OEM equipment including, but not limited to, Crestron, Extron, Kramer Biamp and other brands


Save Time

Reduced administrative efforts by accessing a pre-qualified roster of suppliers

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